Nigeria will be the first country to experience the most exciting and intriguing reality TV show called “The Next President.”  It promises to be epoch-making.

Preparations are already underway for the launch of the most riveting and enthralling reality TV show the world is yet to witness. Dubbed “The Next President (TNP)”, the show is a reality TV show that is a textbook illustration of infotainment. In contradistinction to many other existing  reality TV shows that centre around singing and dancing, “The Next President” appeals both to the intellect and to pleasure and will satisfy the differing tastes of TV viewers.  It is a competition where young people brainstorm on issues of importance and social relevance relating to the needs of the citizenry and equally go through a mock political contest in their quest to be voted as the “The Next President of Nigeria.”

The show will showcase how young Nigerians aged between 16-30 run for public offices, conduct themselves as public office holders, as well as proffering solutions to problems plaguing the society at large. This will provide a veritable platform for young people from all corners of the country to participate in nation-building and contribute to the narrative.

The idea is designed to create awareness and stimulate the interest of young Nigerians towards the political process and give them a sneak preview of the entire political process. It is also a means to encourage young Nigerians to take the political process more seriously and to develop the next generation of leaders either from the show or from the audience.

We are passionate individuals driven by the mission and vision of “The Next President.” We are also focused professionals, an exciting and trendsetting group of individuals who have come together for the sole aim of creating a platform where young people can showcase their leadership ability.

The show is produced by SRTV Media Group Limited, a London and Lagos based TV station set up to produce and broadcast innovative content to a global audience.

The core of our team includes: Ogbevire Christian Ashaiku (CEO/Programme Director),

Uche Okoli (Project Manager/Marketing), Gloria Maduka (Project Manager/Presenter), Funke Gbogboade (Project Manager/Project Manager), Charles Thompson (Producer).

Speaking about the show, Executive Producer Christian Ashaiku said: “the show primarily is aimed at discovering and nurturing young, intelligent, disciplined, focused and responsible great leaders of tomorrow, who will contribute immensely to nation-building, national growth and development.”

He stressed that the platform will be a civilized avenue where the thoughts and aspirations of youths on all aspects of policy making will be unveiled.

 Above all, it is meant to educate the general populace on the entire political process, address issues more judiciously and galvanize the populace to be involved in the processes for the betterment of Nigeria.

 We believe youth participation in politics will add value and new directions to the way things are done in Nigeria.

The show is segmented into three main sections: Online registration, Judges House and the live broadcast on TV, radio and online.

Registration will be officially open to interested participants on the 1st of August, 2018.

Live broadcast is scheduled for the months of November and December of 2018

Winner gets 10 Million Naira, a Land-Cruiser Toyota car and a 50 Million Naira community project fund.

To ensure the success of this outstanding show, reputable technocrats, public figures with good track records in good governance and a better Nigeria are being consulted and engaged as Judges.

 For further information please contact:

 PR Director - TNP PR Office


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