The Next President is a Reality TV Show embodied in an intellectual cognitive contest.In the quest to become the ‘NextPresident of Nigeria’, young Nigerians will compete intellectually on issues of importance relating to the needs of the citizens, growth and development of the Nation.

The Next President is centred on Youth Participation in Politics. This medium will therefore be a springboard, a great grooming platform and foundation for our future leaders.

The Show will showcase how young Nigerians aged between 16-30 run for public offices, conduct themselves as public office holders, as well as proffering solutions to problems plaguing the society at large. This will provide a great opportunity for Young People from all corners of the country to participate in Nation Building.

Our Vision Is

“To discover and nurture young intelligent, disciplined, focused and responsible great leaders of tomorrow, who will contribute immensely to Nation Building, National Growth and Development.”

Our Mission Is

“To unveil the thoughts and aspirations of youths on all aspect of policy making, broadcast via an exciting, educating and entertaining reality program”

The Next President Live Broadcastswill be shown on Saturdays (80 minutes) and Sundays (60 minutes). It will hit the airwaves every year and each season shall consist of about 104 shows.

Long Term Goal

Our long-term goal is to build a reputable TV Reality brand known for exploring good leadership worldwide through youth participation. Based on the success of The Next President, “Youth Parliament” will be launched shortly after and both shows exported across the globe.

Our target market includes various levels of Government, All Broadcast Media Platforms, NGOs, Young people, Elites, Advertisers and an Audience increasingly interested in Politics and Nation building.

A comprehensive set of Value Added Consumer Services will be provided which will specifically cater to our Audience, Participants, Partners and Sponsors.

We will be seeking Government Funding, Sponsorship, Product Placement from Big Companies, Grants from Foundations and Institutions. Other revenuestreams will be generated from Phone-ins, Sale of Broadcast Rights and Merchandizeto deliver our programme.